Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Healthy Hair Styling: Protective Styles

Hi Everyone,

Protective styles.... that seems to be the buzz word on Youtube lately so I just wanted to add my 2cents. Now firstly, what is a protective style? A protective style is any style where your ends are fully covered.

Benefits of protective styles:
-Key in retaining length as ends (oldest part of hair) are protected from frequent combing, rubbing on clothing, stress etc. If you notice the ends of your hair breaking off all over your bathroom counter and pillows this is the perfect time to do a protective style.

-Aids in stretching relaxers...with most protective styles the new growth is stretched and not being manipulated

-Just to give your hair a break from constant combing and stress on the strands.

 The key to protective styling is ensuring that the hair was deep conditioned well . The hair should then be sprayed with a leave-in/ water based spritz that contains glycerine  so that moisture would continue to be pulled into the hair (in tropical climates that's always humid) and sealed with a oil or butter.

After styling the hair ensure that you spritz it regularly (3-4 times a week)  with a water based leave-in that contains glycerine, aloe vera juice and light protein.This is very important especially for long-term protective styles like locs and weaves. Also, there is no need to try to seal in the moisture after the hair is styled by applying a butter or oil as this can cause build up on your hair and prevent moisture from getting in. However, butter can continue to be used to thicken up and lay down your edges.

Examples of protective styles

-Temporary loc extensions
For this style, my hair was braided and synthetic afro kinky hair was wrapped around each braid. Should be left in maximum of 2 months. One and a half to be on the safe side.

-Sew in Weaves
This can be full sew ins where are your hair is cornrowed or a partial sew in where some of your real hair is left out. Ofcourse in the case of the latter, it would be a partial protective style.

-Buns and Up Do's

 When using this type of protective style try not to manipulate the hair every day, style on wash day and preserve for the week adding accessories for a different look. Just a couple ideas below.


-Wigs, Half wigs,phony ponies and phony buns
Wigs, phony ponies and buns are all fully protective, a half wig gives partial protection unless the hair is styled in a way where the ends are tucked away.

NB: braidouts, twist outs, twists, bantu knot outs, flexi rod sets, roller sets etc. are low manipulation styles, they are not protective.

Hope this was helpful, as usual, feel free to ask questions.

God bless