Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hair Journey


By now most of you are probably thinking... ok.. who is this chic and why does she think she can give advice about hair? So I just wanted to share a bit of my hair journey with you.  This does not mean Im a hair I have been able to grow my hair to lengths I never thought I could, I always believed that African hair would grow to certain lengths and that was its maximum potential..... boy was I wrong....

So I had a relaxer for most off my life... I got it when I was 8 or thereabout as my hair was 'too thick and unmanageable' This is me at 16 in the pic below... my hair was just touching armpit length.

Got a permanent brown colour for my high school grad. That was the end of my hair, I had severe breakage and my hair thinned out dramatically!


 I decided to grow my hair out and in 2008 I did the big chop. I still did not have healthy hair practices at this point. I had no clue about taking care of natural hair and so I started to search the internet for information on texturizing hair.

Oct 2009
Nov. 2009
 Late 2009 I texturized my hair after finding information on LHCF- Long Hair Care Forum. But it didnt stop there, I continued to read about hair and was amazed by some of the stories I read at LHCF. I started on my journey to achieve long healthy hair. Below are my progress pics!!

Oct 2010

Jan 2011
Oct 2011

My final goal is curly mid back length hair... I have a little ways to go still....

I hope that my journey can inspire someone... we African women need to become more informed about our hair because that junk the beauty industry is feeding us... is just that... JUNK!!

Thanks for reading... Happy Hair Growing!!


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